Dahle 30414 Paper Shredder

The Dahle 30414 is a shredder for today’s world. I don’t mean this as a marketing gimmick. In reality, every office should be equipped with a heavy duty, high security shredder. But “today’s world” means that shredding paper isn’t enough anymore. Private information comes in the form of disks, plastic cards, and other tough objects. Anyone who has ever tried to cut apart a CD using scissors knows how annoying this can be. Dahle is a German company that makes various types of shredders, for both home and office use. The Dahle 30414 paper shredder is their heavy-duty version. Since it costs well over $1,000, I’ve kindly reviewed its features for you.


The Dahle 30414 is designed for large offices. It can shred up to 8,000 papers in one day and 25 pages in one go. As I mentioned, it also destroys CDs, DVDs and even floppy disks. The waste bin is 35 gallons, which is quite a bit of paper shredded into small bits. The


The actual image of the Dahle 30414 shouldn’t be as important to you as the other features. However, you’ll be pleased to know that the Dahle 30414 is quite attractive with a wooden cabinet housing. This isn’t only aesthetic because the housing cuts down on a lot of the noise from shredding. It is also surprisingly small for such a high-powered machine: 34″ x 21 ” x 19 “. It is a shame they put so much into the image but forgot one of the basic maintenance features. A shredder needs to be oiled and many machines have automatic oiling. The Dahle 30414 does not, however, and you’ll have to do the oiling yourself.


The Dahle 30414 couldn’t be more straight forward. It has an LED board and there are only three options when it comes to shredding: forward, reverse, and continuous. When the Dahle 30414 is shredding, you will hear an instant response and know that your documents are getting torn to bit. The machine has chain driven cutters which make for a slip free shredding. These are running at 1.25 horse power. Like I said, this is a heavy duty machine meant for lots of shredding. When the waste bin is full, there is an indicator.

The Dahle 30414 shredder might be a good choice for your office. It is high-power, high-capacity and guarantees your safety. This should be a big deal around your office and buying a powerful shredder like the Dahle 30414 will not only show it, but make it possible.

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