Microsoft Sidewinder X6 is an Extreme Gaming Keyboard

The Microsoft Sidewinder X6 was designed with hard core gamers in mind. It isn’t a small keyboard, coming in at 20.2 inches long and 9.22 inches tall, but it has several features that will cause the gamer in you to absolutely drool. A removable keypad is very handy, and a backlight feature illuminates every key. If you like to play PC games for hours at a time and use complicated keystroke move patterns, the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 is the gaming keyboard you’ve been waiting for. The removable keypad is definitely a winner. It can come totally free from the keyboard, or it attaches to either side. Left handed users may want to buy the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 based on this feature alone.

The backlight feature enhances gameplay as well. The standard keys are lit with red lights, and the programmable and keypad buttons are a yellowish color. You can make them brighter or darker with a knob that is very similar to what you’d find in your car’s control panel.

The Microsoft Sidewinder X6 comes with software that will install all of the drivers you need to set up the hotkey features so that you can fully customize them. The detachable keyboard has 30 “s” keys that you can set up to your own configuration using the software. The Microsoft Sidewinder X6 allows you to save up to three different key configuration settings so that it is easy to switch between different games or into a work mode when you’re not playing. There is a one-button switch that will scroll through the settings for you.

The technology in the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 is really impressive and helpful. Record macros as you play with the push of a button. Program buttons to behave a certain way that is more helpful to you in specific gaming situations. Vista will allow you to use the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 to explore through games using a built in feature on this keyboard – though this feature is not available for Windows XP.

A volume control knob, media control switches, and a calculator key give even more functionality to the Microsoft Sidewinder X6. What the keyboard has in technological advances it doesn’t have in ergonomic controls, though. It is not the most comfortable keyboard on the market, and lacks many simple features that other comparable keyboards include as a matter of course. But if you want to enhance your gaming experience this is definitely the keyboard that can do it for you.

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